Okay i am dealing with my unzipping app for iPad and I want to share my Community s5 theory with you. I will accept it this way to maintain my respect towards the show & characters. (Entirely copy/paste from Whatsapp, I apologize for lack of capital letters and proper punctuation.

I have been thinking about this for a while because we know the group doesn’t approve jeff and britta’s relationship, right? Abed saying that, Annie saying that, they yelled them that their relationship was toxic, even. When they found out that they were getting rid of the school (read: being together with the study group all the time) they wanted to be married.

And when the school is in a jeopardy they had the freedom of expressing their love to each other because once the school went down nobody would bat an eye on their relationship. We know that they both frantically care about what other people think about them so they want to stay hidden all the time.

Even the wedding cancellation wasn’t serious to them, nobody commented about them being the first people to run each other and want to get married all they cared about was the wedding plot itself, like us.

And when we look at what Jeff remembered when he looked at each of them, I think we misinterpreted that too.

See, milady/milord thing was not a love expression at the beginning. Jeff was manipulating all of them to make them love him - which he succeeded undoubtedly - and he used Annie’s Disney fantasies in s1. And he knew about that, remember: “it’s the doe eyes” (bambi) “choking a mermaid with a bike chain” (little mermaid) and “disney face”. And he seemed geniunely disgusted when Annie mentioned “holding hands in disneyland” fantasy (polygraph episode).

Now, when he looked at the Dean, he remembered his obsession with Jeff. When it’s Abed he remembered him being meta again. When it comes to Britta, he remembered “let’s get out of here and never look back” (freedom) and when he looked at Annie he remembered the Disney fantasy = childishness. And that was the moment he thought he wasn’t actually ready to leave the school, because he needed childishness in his life, and the school represents it in its entirety. It wasn’t him admitting his feelings to Annie, it was him admitting his feelings towards maturity. And also the school.

In Britain, make-up might have been hard to find, but it was worn with pride and became a symbol of the will to win. ‘Put your best face forward,’ encouraged a 1942 Yadley advertisement in Churchillian tones. ‘War, Woman and Lipstick' ran a celebrated Tangee campaign. Bright red was the favourite wartime colour for lips and nails and lipstick names were often patriotic: Louis Phillippe's Patriotic Red; Fighting Red by Tussy and Grenadier - The new Military red created by Tattoo, effective with air force blue and khaki.

During wartime, a subtle change had taken place in the marketing and the perception of make-up. It was no longer about making a woman seem ‘dainty’, but making her look and feel strong. Rosie the Riveter became a wartime icon in the USA, representing the six million women working in factories for the war effort. [Rockwell] portrayed Rosie as a vast figure in work dungarees, her short sleeves revealing arms the size of prize-winning hams. Behind her hangs the stars and stripes, squashed carelessly under her feet is a copy of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf, and on her mighty lap rests a lunch box and a huge riveting machine like an enormous gun. [Her] henna red curls, lipsticked mouth and painted finger nails stress her femininity, emphasising the fact that make-up too was a weapon of war [Madeleine Marsh, Compact and Cosmetics: Beauty from the Victorian Times to the Present Day]


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Your honor, something is amiss here!

As you are probably aware, library materials are labeled with barcodes as well as a number to determine their location on the shelf, as per the Dewey Decimal System. The books just to the left of the manga are labeled, as are the DVDs just in view on the lower shelf. Look even further behind these shelves and you’ll see that even those books are labeled! 

Ladies and gentlemen of the courtroom, I invite you to take a closer look at the volumes that are, allegedly, part of this law library! Something is missing from the spines, isn’t there?


Where are the bar codes?!

This is a blatant contradiction! The OP is lying— these volumes cannot, therefore, be a part of this library at all! I propose that they simply brought these materials in for the sake of the joke!! 

Only focusing on one aspect and not the whole of the issue, are we, Mr. Wright? Typical.

Your honor, if you bring your attention to the books just left of the manga, you’ll notice there’s a book (the second to the left) that also does not have a bar code.

If you examine the picture even closer—particularly the DVDs below—you’ll see that they bear bar codes, but not on the spines. No, they have them on the back and/or front of the DVDs. Of course, this method of labeling and organizing isn’t limited to products of the film industry alone.

Therefore, I’d like to propose that it is entirely possible that the manga books do, in fact, belong to the library!


Wh-WHAAAAT?! You’re kidding!! 

(Shoot, he’s got me there… Better think of something fast! Something about the books that sets them apart from—

…! I’ve got it!)

While that may be true, you’ve also overlooked one critical error: the titles of the books! Whether or not your hypothesis regarding the labeling system is correct, these titles aren’t alphabetized correctly! What kind of self-respecting librarian would misplace such vital books? 

Well, Edgeworth?

While it pains me to have to point out something so obvious, I suppose I’ll make an exception for you, Wright.

Clearly, one look at the titles of the books next to the manga is a tell-all of this certain library’s less-than-stellar organization skills. None of the books are in alphabetical order, I’m afraid.

They could very well be alphabetized by author and not title, but it’s a little difficult to be able to decipher that from this single picture, wouldn’t you say?

Furthermore, the manga books themselves are in numerical order, suggesting some kind of system is in place, albeit not a very good one, if the alphabetizing is off.

At the end of the day, it seems like neither of us can draw a clear conclusion from this evidence alone. Your honor, I strongly suggest a recess in which we could investigate the library itself further.

I see the issue here very clearly.

Due to the uncertain nature of this case, we’ll have to postpone this decision until more decisive evidence can be obtained. The court will now take a 15-minute recess.


(W-wait, but I’m not—)



I’ve got some decisive evidence for you, pal!

We investigated further into the photo. Zooming in, you can see a label on the DVD case to the bottom left.

Photo Close-up added to the court record!

As you can see, pal, you can vaguely see the words “Of Toledo Law Library” on the label!

And, considering possibilities of the rest of that label, “University of Toledo" was the first to come to my mind!

A quick search on the University of Toledo’s Online Law Library Database revealed that there ARE the comics pictured in it!

Miles Edgeworth Ace Attorney Investigations volumes 1-4 and Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney volumes 1-5!

And there’s more! 

The section these comics are filed under is the “Law in Popular Culture" Section, which matches up with the titles on the rest of the books on that shelf: "Lowering the Bar: Lawyer Jokes & Legal Culture”, “Prime Time Law”, “Lawyers in Your Living Room!" and "Lex Populi”!

Not only is it in the right section, it’s also a documented part of the Law Library’s database!

How’s that for decisive evidence?

Anonymous: "Imagine Bucky having to take his arm off so Tony can repair it, walking around a little self consciously with his shirt sleeves pinned up. And then for some reason (its a psychological thing, he knows it is but still can't do a damn thing about it) his missing arm starts to tingle like it's falling asleep.. then it aches, and a few hours later he's just curled up miserably on the couch trying to ignore the phantom pain and tough it out until Tony's finished."



imagine tony emerging from his lab to tell bucky that he’s done, only to find him curled up on the couch dozing fitfully, clearly in pain. he hesitates, not sure how to wake him up without startling him.

"bucky?" he says, and he’s relieved when bucky jerks awake. he notices the sheen of sweat on his forehead, and frowns.

"wha - oh. tony." bucky looks sheepish, pushing the hair out of his face nervously.

"you okay, kid?" tony asks him, concern evident. bucky shrugs.

"yeah, uh, i’m fine," he says. it’s not very convincing, and they both know it.

tony gives him a look.

"don’t bullshit me," he says. "you’re hurting. i know that look."

bucky sighs. “okay, fine, you win,” he snaps. “it’s just phantom pain in my arm, it’s not a big deal. don’t worry about it.”

"well, good news for you. i’m done with it. you can have it back. bad news for you is, you should have just told me and i would’ve given it back to you anyways."

bucky scowls at him. “but it needed repairs.”

tony shrugs. “repairs that i could’ve done with you attached to it, or in smaller sessions over a couple days,” he says. “it’s not my way or the highway here, kid.”

bucky doesn’t say anything to that, just fidgets. tony rolls his eyes.

"what i’m saying here is that you don’t need to tough everything out. think about it," he says. "now come on. let’s get the iron giant his arm back."


Tony claps a hand on Bucky’s back to lead him to the shop, but suddenly it is the Winter Soldier he is in close proximity to instead of Steve’s polite, quiet friend.  Wounded.  Weakened.  Threatened.  Ready to fight or flee.  And between the two of them, Tony’s not the supersoldier.

Tony removes his hand quickly, and the moment passes. 

Bucky just stands there, not saying anything, clearly shaken, maybe he’s not worthy of the attention they’ve been giving him, maybe he doesn’t deserve to be friends with this kind person, There was some kind of moment, and he’s definitely just ruined it.  He probably can’t be forgiven…

Then Tony surprises him, moving around to his other side and placing Bucky’s arm around his shoulder, reversing their roles.  ”You’ve had enough people telling you what to do, James,” he says, completely serious, and yet still not quite.  ”You lead the way.”


hannibal gets so offended of being accused of things he actually did


dont worry bucky i think we all get frustrated too