I like the idea of taking every woman joke from the last season, and turning them into Moffat jokes.

*vigorously wonders why Danny Pudi doesn’t have an Emmy*

ajaegerpilot replied to your post“annie x jeff right. lmao”
i don’t get why people ship annie and jeff. the age difference might have NOT been a thing but the show made it one, a really gross weird thing.
(sorry for the really late response, i’ve just come home.)
(For Jeff/Annie shippers who are on mobile: THIS POST IN NO WAY IS TAGGED WITH j/a or jeffxannie. You only see this because it contains your tagged words. That’s a bullshit of Tumblr Mobile. I have no intention to tell you what to like or what to dislike, that’s not my intention or I of course don’t have the right to say that. I’m just expressing my own thoughts, this is not a rant, it’s rather a criticism for the writers, thank your understanding in advance.)
my problem with j/a isn’t the age difference part. god knows i’ve written many other pairings that two sides have more than 20 years between them (i have one with almost eight thousand years between them). though my own perspective on age difference is like, “it’s good up to 5 years, after your 25”, that’s not relevant.
what bugs me about the pairing, and clearly Harmon also misses it, is that, annie didn’t see the world. she was graduated from high school with a pill addiction, she attended to rehab groups and NA meetings. she never had a really good peer group. there are only two people she had a crush on, besides jeff, : rich, who was older than her again and troy, who didn’t give her a chance. 
i would be fine if she was like, britta, as in seeing the world. world doesn’t mean many countries or things like that, here. it’s like… she doesn’t even really know what it feels like to hang out with her peers. her personality is not my issue here. or jeff’s love towards her. the reason i don’t see their thing as a relationship is that.
because alison brie, who is a beautiful woman no doubt, may be in her thirties, but annie is not. annie is in her early twenties. she’s supposed to live a lot of things before settling down with someone. i would be totally fine if she was, let’s say 25.
how many friends she have besides greendale? how many friends she have besides the study group?
we know shirley’s socially active, as mentioned in 2x17. we know britta’s socially active, her anarchist friends were mentioned for a zillion times. we know troy and abed hanging out with many people in dorms, such as pavel and even that war criminal from balkans, i just can’t remember his name. EVEN JEFF’S OLD FRIENDS FROM HIS LAWYER LIFE WERE MENTIONED ON THE SHOW. 
what about annie? 
this bothers me. i feel like she had crush on someone whom she thinks is going to be her prince charming - QUOTING ANNIE FROM 3x16 (was it 3x16? Virtual System Analysis?) : “We’re not in love with Jeff, we’re just in love with the idea of being loved. If we can teach this to someone like Jeff, we’re never unloved.” THIS IS ALSO, AND STILL CANON, MIND YOU. there was nothing on the show to disprove that. (and no, harmon saying “jeff is in love with annie” doesn’t change that, i’m talking about annie’s feelings, not jeff’s.)
i can’t say she’s emotionally mature enough, with confident. i am sure annie, as a character, is more mature than anyone on the show. but emotionally? i doubt it. the only healthy (?) support system she had was the study group. that bothers me.
this has been longer than i intended.

so, you claim that you are 100% sure that I meant Jeff and Annie for the “it’s not canon but everyone insists it’s canon” part? wow, didn’t know you could read my mind! i mean, i might have meant j/a but for the first or the second part? 

Anonymous: "annie x jeff right. lmao"

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Happy Birthday Milla (pt.2)! (part 1 here)

jeff x britta au: (part 2) britta’s mother invites britta and “her new way of disappointing this family” for a thanksgiving dinner. what she doesn’t know is that, britta isn’t that silent girl who runs away whenever she says something.

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